Heroes and Icons

Heroes and Icons

Build frequency with your messaging inside all the Drama, Action and Star Trek series to reach and build familiarity with some of the more elusive prospective customers.

Call Letters/TV Channel

Cox Cable Channel 678

Over the air Channel 12.3

Station Brand

Classic TV

H&I Programming

Compelling drama, action, adventure and sci-fi programming like Nash Bridges, House, Jag, Hill Street Blues, All the Star Trek series, MacGyver, NYPD Blue and many more. 35 different series each week.


32% are Adults 25-54 , 56% male vs. 44% female, 55% are married, 69% own their own home. Cord Cutters, those who want to save money, express dissatisfaction with offers/services and want an alternative to cable.

HD Commercial Production

KWCH has the largest commercial production team in the market. We are dedicated to helping you develop compelling selling messages to air on our properties.