Antenna TV

Antenna TV

Putting your message inside all the Family Friendly sitcoms from the 70’s and 80’s as a way to build your frequency.

Call Letters/TV Channel

Cox Cable Channel 674

Over the air Channel 33.1

Station Brand

Classic TV

Antenna TV Programming

Great classic shows like Father Knows Best, I Dream of Jeannie, Alice, Three’s Company, Murphy Brown, and Growing Pains and many other nostalgic shows.


Average age 51 years old, 50% are men watching, 55% own their home, 45% are married, loyalists who watch multiple times per day, love TV and typically vote in elections. Cord Cutters, those who want to save money, express dissatisfaction with offers/services and don’t watch or need real time sports/programming.

HD Commercial Production

KWCH has the largest commercial production team in the market. We are dedicated to helping you develop compelling selling messages to air on our properties.